SPINNAKER printing 

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No change in the texture of the material


  • Almost no weight increase.

  • Graphics can be any image, not just a simple logo or text.

  • No change of performance of the spinnaker, and it does not stick in a chute.

  • You will not be able to feel the print on the surface of the cloth.


  • Sailprint has over several years developed a special print process for spinnakers. This technology enable us to print on any spinnaker cloth, at virtually no weight increase ( around 0,2g/m2 ).

  • The print process is roll to roll, which means we print the spinnaker prior to assembly using the graphics combined with the design of the spinnaker. 

  • Any image can be used and we will transform the 2D image into 3D using the spinnakers mould. 

  • We will print on supplied rolls or can arrange to order cloth, printing of the panels and cutting.





Q: Can you print on a old used spinnaker?
A: A print can be incorporated into the spinnaker as an appliqué.
A: SPI-Film can be used on a old spinnaker

NaNo Print only supplied printed on the panels prior to assembly.
Why: In case of a torn panel, it can be exchanged!

Q: What's the weight of the print?
A: Around 0,2g/m2, in the range of 1/2% of the cloth weight.

Q: How strong is the print?
A: As strong as the spinnaker material, all though the spinnaker should be stored dry.

Q: What size of spinnaker can you handle?
A: Any size.

Q: What kind of artwork can you print?
A: We can print logos, pictures, drawings and text. Anything that can be stored as a digital image.

Q: What colour cloth can you print on?
A: We print on white cloth, if you want a full colour spinnaker with an image in it, it we will use the appliqueé technique!

Q: What type of cloth do you print on?
A: We print on any cloth. We have tested Dimension Polyant, Contender and Bainbrigde cloths.

Q: Can you print on silicon treated cloth?
A: Yes.

Q: Can you do all Pantone colours?
A: No. We print in CMYK colours. Most pantone colours match pretty well.

Q: Can you print on thick cloth?
A: Yes. Currently we offer to print up to 1,5 oz.

Q: What is your delivery time?
A: Approximately 2 weeks from we receive the digital layout.

Q: How precisely can you place the print on the panels?
A: Within a few millimeters.

Q: Can you do a sample print?
A: Yes we charge 80 Euro for a sample, which will be deducted from the price we the order is placed.



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